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Family Farm Game


In the game Family Farm, the player has the fascinating task of growing his crops. To do this you will need a garden plot. You have enough money to buy it. Then you need to open a store where you will buy your seeds of crops. For your crops to be rich, you have to look after them, water them and improve the soil. When the harvest is ready, you can collect it and plant new seeds on the plot.

The player receives rewards every day, and many types of plant seeds and gardening equipment are available.
To buy a plot, click on the “shovel” button. The dollar sign helps you sell your crops and get good money for them. If you want to increase the efficiency of the farm, click on the “leaf” button. To harvest your crops in the fall, just click on your vegetable garden. If you want to win valuable prizes, spin the wheel of luck. The additional spinning of the wheel unlocks access to new prizes.


  • Many seeds/special items.
  • Daily reward


Click the “shovel” button and choose a plot to buy it. Click the “dollar sign” button to sell crops. Click the “leaf” button to upgrade productivity. Buy seeds and special items in the shop. Click the crops once the production time is finished to collect golds. Click the “gift” button to visit the lucky wheel where you can spin to win prizes. Visit the game everyday to earn daily reward (an extra spin).

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