Frenzy Farming 2

1.7/5 - (35 votes)
Frenzy Farming 2 Frenzy Farming 2

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1.7/5 - (35 votes)
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Frenzy Farming 2 Game


Frenzy Farming 2 captures you from the very beginning. To start an exciting game you have to establish your farm, then feed the chickens. The chickens will lay eggs. The execution of tasks on the organization of the farm and maintenance of the chickens can watch in the game screen. The player is given coins every day. You can use these coins to get water from the well. Water from the well will help you grow grass. Chickens will hatch eggs and you will have cute chickens. The player also bakes bread.

When the game reaches an advanced level, you will have cows. The cows give milk. You can now bake pies using eggs, bread, and milk. If you click on the car icon on the game screen, there will be an option to sell the finished products. The money you earn will be your capital. This is a free farming game, a great farming simulation. Hover your mouse over the details and control the characters.


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Mouse click and swipe

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